What is GoMyBio?

GoMyBio is a platform that allows you to create free biolinks. Thanks to biolinks, you can show all your information in a single link

How to Work?

After you become a free member and create a biolink, the contents you want to appear on your profile You can show with one click

Is it Free?

It is completely free to become a member of GoMyBio and create profiles.


What Can I Add to My Profile

Custom links, social media links, text, photos, videos, CV, product, survey, bank account, skill bar, accordion info, cryptocurrency wallet, spotify,paypal, soundcloud and many social media embeds.

How can I design a profile?

You can easily design your profile with just a few clicks without any coding knowledge.

Can I see my stats?

You can see your profile visitors and link clicks thanks to the advanced statistics system.

Forward Domain - Use as Site

You can use your website as a GoMyBio profile thanks to the use as site feature. You can upload the file prepared for you to the main directory of your server and show your profile as your website.

Premium Membership

What is?

Thanks to the premium membership, you can benefit from extra content rights and extra features.

What are the Extra Features?
  • Free members can only create 1 biolink, unlimited for premium members.
  • Ability to edit the page SEO .
  • See statistics of added links.
  • Remove and edit gomybio logo from the bottom.
  • Changing the font.
  • Ability to set password for privacy.
  • Adding a product.
  • Add a poll.
  • Adding a skill bar.
  • Create gallery.
  • Use as site.
  • Add Paypal.
  • Adding bank account.
  • Adding dynamic accordion.
Usage Period

Premium memberships can be purchased monthly or annually. Extra features will be deactivated after expiration.


How Can I Pay?

You can pay by credit card 3D.

Can I Cancel the Service I Have Received?

Unfortunately, services received are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

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